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Audacity is an open source software program that is used to edit, record or listen to digital audio files.  You can also download it for home use by visiting  To save a file in an mp3 format, you will need the LAME encoder.  This is already downloaded on school computers.  To download the encoder onto your home computer, go to


Curriculum Connections

  • Fluency - Students can record their voices and listen to check their intonation and pronunciation. 
  • Foreign Language - Teachers can record proper pronunciation of a foreign language so students can listen and practice.  Students can record and listen to see if they are using proper articulation.
  • Podcasting/Language Arts - Use Audacity to record a "show" to inform others about class news, current events, and areas of interest.  Students can persuade their peers to help others, make a difference, or try something new.  Podcasts can also entertain others with various stories, poems, and/or jokes.  Once the "show" is recorded, convert it to an mp3, and place the file on a website with RSS, Real Simple Syndication,  so people can subscribe to your show and listen to it on the computer or on a portable device. 
  • Other Ideas
      • reading poetry aloud to hear rhythm and rhyme
      • teaching skills with song - Mr Mayo's Podcast Page
      • recording reader's theater
      • storytelling
      • reading famous speeches or student created speeches
      • recording debates
      • publishing personal narratives
      • creating a class storybook
      • making sound recordings from the first person point of view (diary or journal style)
      • making audio books for younger readers
      • recording/listening to interviews
      • recording how-to instructions or directions
      • create songs with lyrics that match a curricular unit of study
      • making classroom news reports
      • rapping vocabulary like Flocabulary
      • using an LCD projector to demonstrate the shape of sound waves
      • singing or playing instruments in Music class
      • Additional Ideas for Podcasts on Educational Podcast Network

Equipment Needed

  • Audacity software (version 1.2.6 currently in schools)
  • LAME encoder
  • Computer
  • A good microphone




Additional Resources

Royalty Free Music Download

  • Special Effects - Morph your voice with Audacity's Effect menu.  Your students can sound dramatically different and take on a character. This is very motivating for creative writing. Directions are available for:  robot, chipmunk, telephone operator, concert hall echo, and talking on the radio.  The skill level required for these effects vary. Highlight your vocal track and then follow the directions in order to generate voice effects

Training Resources: