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Image Blender is a powerful image editor that anyone can use. Image Blender gives you the control you need to get your images looking just the way you imagine them. The unlimited possibilities in Image Blender make it fun and easy to edit images and create new art. Improve your digital camera pictures; add layers for more control, turn pictures into text, and more.


Curriculum Connections

  • Edit photos for the yearbook committee
  • Edit and enhance photos for the school newspaper or journalism class
  • Create new images by combining two or more layers. This is perfect for:
    • Digital Storytelling
    • Brochures
    • Calendars
    • Multimedia projects
    • Fictional writing
    • Factual writing
  • Use "cool word" feature to study vocabulary and make visual connections
  • Use the text feature to create picture postcards, posters, or visual aids


Equipment Needed

  • Computer
  • Imageblender software
  • Optional:  Pics4Learning and other copyright friendly images


Image Blender Toolbars
Image Blender Toolbar for Kids (PDF)

Additional Resources


Training Resources: