About Twin Ridge Elementary School

Twin Ridge Elementary School


TWIN RIDGE ELEMENTARY provides a well-rounded education for students in Mt. Airy, Maryland. Our aim is: “Together Reaching for Equity and Excellence in Learning for All Students.”

We encourage every parent to join and participate in the PTA and are proud that our volunteer program continually receives state recognition for a commendable number of volunteer hours. We are very lucky to have an active PTA that is willing to support the school in a variety of ways. In addition to donating time, the PTA raises funds each year to support our instructional program. The Twin Ridge staff continually works to create an environment that encourages all students to have high self-esteem and a strong academic foundation. Our goal is to enable students to reach their fullest potential. Twin Ridge's leadership team meets regularly through the school year to provide consistent leadership and direction to our instructional program.

Twin Ridge Elementary is a happy and productive place. Our mascot is Tressie the panda, and we proudly wear our school colors of black and red, especially on school spirit days. Feel free to visit our school and see education in action.