Vocabulary plays an important role in becoming a fluent reader.  It is important for us to introduce our children to new words.   Research says that  a child needs to use a word at least seven times, if not more, before it becomes a partof their oral vocabulary.

Words can be looked at in tiers.  We want to expose our children to
Tier 2 words to help boost their vocabulary and reading fluency. 

Tier 1 words are words that don't need instruction in meaning.  Some examples:  sad, tree, child, hop, etc.

Tier 2 words are high frequency words for mature language users however, students at the elementary level will most likely need instruction directed to the meaning of these words.  Some examples:  hilarious, persuade, opinion, etc.

Tier 3 words are words that are used very infrequently.  These words are often specific to an area of study.  Some examples:  refinery, lathe, obtuse, prosody, etc.