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  Hello and welcome to my webpage.  I will be updating this periodically throughout the year so please check back for new information.  For information about events please click on the calendar links below.  If you are a member of the the Titan Tempo Show Choir ("I Believe!") please click on the Titan Tempo Show Choir tab for additional information.  If there are any issues that need my attention please contact me at the e-mail listed above.  Have a great year and welcome to the performing arts department at Tuscarora High School.


Schedule 2015-2016

Fall Semester 2015

1st Block: Guitar 1-3  (7:30-8:58)
(Syllabus on Google Classroom)

2nd Block: Mixed Choir  (9:03-10:36)
(Beginning Choir - All Are Welcome) 
(Syllabus on Google Classroom)
Lunch (Brunch)  During 3rd Block

3rd Block: Titan Tempo Show Choir (10:41-12:41)
(Advanced Group - By Audition only)
(Syllabus on Google Classroom) 

4th Block:  Planning  (12:46-2:15)

Google Classroom is an online extension of our classroom.  It is a secure, educational driven website intended to give teachers and students a place to go where the classroom instruction can continue and to minimize the amount of paper handed to students.  It is secure and approved by FCPS as a valuable teaching tool.  


You will NOT be able to sign-up with any other gmail or Google account!  Only your FCPS student account will work!


To Sign-Up at School or at Home:

  1. Open “Google Chrome” (Google Classroom will NOT work in IE, Firefox or Safari)Go to “drive.fcps.org” and enter your student login information (username and password), be sure you hit “enter”.  Go to classroom.google.com and click the “+” sign in" Enter our join code: Check with Mr. Moore for this.

*Tutoring Times: 2:20-3:00 or  By Appointment

Spring Semester 2016

1st Block: Advanced Guitar & Piano 1-3  (7:30-8:58)

2nd Block:  Planning   (9:03-10:36)

Lunch (Brunch)  During 3rd Block

3rd Block:   - Concert Choir (10:41-12:41)
(Advanced Group - By Audition Only)  

4th Block: Piano 1-3  (12:46-2:15)

*Tutoring Times: 2:20-3:00 By Appointment