Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

An acceptable use policy or AUP (also called an Internet Use Agreement) is often used by organizations such as schools and businesses to regulate online use. Always read such an agreement carefully before signing.

Click Acceptable Use Policy to read FCPS regulation 400-73


While there is no fixed set of rules for interacting over the Internet, general guidelines, called netiquette, have developed over the years. Netiquette encourages users to respect each other when interacting online.  When people are respectful, or full of respect and courtesy for others, they also honor their privacy.

Protecting Your Privacy

You cannot always be sure who you are dealing with when you are online. When online, remember that people may not be who they seem. Make sure to follow some guidelines to keep your personal identity private:
  1. Do not tell others your name, where you live, or other personal information
  2. If you are using a social networking site, be aware of the information you are making public.
  3. If an individual is making you uncomfortable for any reason, tell a parent, teacher or other trusted adult.