Glenn Blanchard

Before Mr. Blanchard started teaching, he served in the U.S. Navy Reserve as a Hospital Corpsmen, and then transferred to the Maryland Army National Guard as a medic.  

Mr. Blanchard is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park. 
Mr. Blanchard is also a graduate from the masters program in education from Coppin State University.  
Mr. Blanchard has been teaching social studies for 20 years.  

Mr. Blanchard is the Mock Trial coach for Tuscarora High School.  Mr. Blanchard is also the advisor for the Maryland Page program for Tuscarora high School.

Schedule for Mr. Blanchard Fall 2017

1st Block  Planning

2nd Block  MWH Honors

3rd Block  Psychology

4th Block  MWH Honors

-1st week.  9-5/9-8


Please return the signed course syllabus by Friday the 8th.

Read Prologue:  pp. 5-17. Complete sections one and two, q.1, 3-5 each section, p.11 and p.17.

Quiz on Friday on the prologue.


 Please return the signed course syllabus, and county permission form by Friday the 8th.  

Read Chapter one, pp. 4-14.  Complete the following;  p.9 q1-5 and p.14 q 1-5.

Quiz Friday on sections one and two.

2nd week 9-11/9-15


By next Tuesday 9-19, read chapter one, pp.36-67.

Complete the following:

q.1, 3-5 each section.  p.43, p.51, p.60, p.66.  Also, complete  p.68 1-18.  Write out your questions and answers.

Geography quiz:  This Friday 9-15.


By Wed 9-13, read chapter one, section 3, pp.18-22.  Complete questions 1-4, p.22.  Also, complete p. 23, 1-16.

Exam, Chapter one, Wed 9-13.

3rd week Sept 9-18/9-22


Chapter one work due on Tuesday, and exam on chapter one on Tuesday.


By 9-20, read chapter 2, pp.25-46.  Please complete sections 1,2,3 Q1-5.  Also, complete P. 47/48 1-16.

Exam:  Wed 9-20, Chapter two, 

4th week.  9-25/9-29


By October the 2nd read the following.  Chapter 3:  pp. 95-101.  Complete q.1, 3-5.  Chapter 4:  pp.118-141.  Complete q.1-4, Sections 1-4.  p.125, p.136, p.131, p.141.  Also, complete p.142, 1-18.

Exam:  Chapter three and four, October the 3rd..


By October the 2nd read the following.  Chapter six, pp.148-174.  Complete q. 1-4, sections 1-4.  p.152, p.167, p.162, 174.  Also, complete p.175/176, q. 1-16.

5th Week. 10-2/10-6


Exam on Chapters three and Four on Tuesday October the 3rd. 

Post Test on Units One and Two, Friday the 6th.


Exam on Chapter six on Tuesday, October the 3rd. 

Mid-Term this Friday:  October the 6th.

6th Week 10-9/10-13


By Tuesday, October 17th, read Chapter 5, pp.154-183.  Complete sections 1,2,3,4,5.  Q. 1, 3,4,5, each section.  P. 161, 168, 173, 177, 183.  Please write out your questions and answers.  Also, complete p. 184, q. 1-20.   

Exam:  Chapter 5, 10-17. 


By Friday, Oct the 13th, read Chapter 3 pp. 49-79.  Complete sections 1,2,3.  Q1,2,3,4,5 each section.  p.58, 67, 78.  Also, complete p.79/80, Q. 1-15.

Exam:  Chapter 3, 10-13.

7th Week 10-16/10-19.


Continue from last week.  Exam on Chapter five on Tuesday, October the 17.  Reading from exam day due on October the 18th.


By Tuesday, October the 24th, read Chapter 4, pp. 84-118.  Complete sections 1,2,3,4,5, Q.1-4 each section.  Also, complete p.119, q. 1-18.


  Chapter 4 on Tuesday October the 24th.

8th week 10-23/10-27


By Friday 11-3, read Chapter 7.  pp. 216-241.  Complete sections 1,2,3,4, and 5.  Complete q.1, 3,4, 5 each section.  p.221, p. 227, 233, 237, and 241.  Students should also complete p. 242, q. 1-18.

chapter 7, next Friday 11-3.




Men of Daring Project

Men of Daring Project Rubric

Men of Daring Worksheet

Men of Daring Examples

Men of Daring Cartoon Rhodes

Men of Daring Cartoon Stanley

Men of Daring Rhodes Articles

Men of Daring Stanley Articles

The Truman Project

Unit 7 The Contemporary Era
The Truman Project (Essay plus Unit 7 Test due 17 January)
Truman Project Rubric

Truman Project Worksheet

Truman Project Reading A-Prompt and Utter Destruction
Truman Project Reading 1-Truman Obituary
Truman Project Reading 2-Historical Review
Truman Project Reading 3-Two Time Survivors
Truman Project Reading 4-Decision to Drop A Bomb
Truman Project Reading 5-Decision to Drop A Bomb-Nagasaki
Truman Project Reading 6-Decision to Drop A Bomb- pro-con

Use these sites when researching Absolutism:
* have to cite your sources! Be sure to choose the right electronic or print format for the source you are citing)
*      Gale Virtual Reference Library  (useful for biography searches)
 SIRS Knowledge Source-- Search for specific people and click on “Database Features” for a few historical maps
 World Book Encyclopedia Online—Online encyclopedia for short articles on people, countries, and dynasties
 HistoryTeacher.Net Web Links and Primary Documents:  The best web site for finding other web sites on Absolutism. Beware that a few links are to personal web pages not created by scholars
*      The Path to Royal Absolutism  Overview of Absolutism in Europe written by Library of Congress
*      Library of Congress Country Studies—Choose your country and look for the historical information
*      Baroque History Site Useful for French and British history for costumes, military history, and other historical resources
*      European Absolutism: The Centralization of Monarchical Power  Boring but informative PowerPoint on Absolutism


Available after school in Room B-270,  from 2:20-2:45 every day.  Please log on Pinnacle to check updates for grades.

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