Ellen McGuinness


Contact information:   ellen.mcguinnes@fcps.org  Please note that my last name contains two "s's", but my email only has one "s."

Students that give their best effort in class and behave appropriately are welcome to come for tutoring in B134 during their FLEX block, as long as it is the assigned day for their math class OR no other teacher has requested them.

If you have an android phone, you may add the TI-83 calculator to your phone for FREE!  Go to the google playstore/app store, download Andie Graph.  Andie Graph is not compatible with I-Phones.
You must have the Andie Graph ROM installed on your phone for the calculator to work.  

*Please note that phones may not be used as a calculator nor out for any reason during a quiz or a test.  

Spring classes & Google Classroom codes:

Block 1 Geometry             jhe8jm
Block 2 Geometry             t1nuqd
Block 4 Algebra 2 Honors    a0cain

Geometry Syllabus

Algebra 2 Syllabus