Dress Code


1. Principals have the authority to impose dress requirements designed to support the educational responsibilities of the school and/or to contribute to a safe and orderly environment. Students are expected to be clean and dressed in a manner that is healthy, safe, and is non-disruptive to the classroom and school. Please note the THS reserves the right to adapt the dress code as necessary in order to maintain a safe and orderly environment.

•  Students may not wear or display buttons, armbands, flags, decals, and other badges of symbolic expression that disrupt the orderliness of the school or are legally libelous, obscene, contain abusive language. Clothing or items that feature sexually offensive or vulgar words, pictures, phrases, derogatory expressions or language regarding a person's race, color, gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability are prohibited.

•  Students are prohibited from wearing clothing or items that promote illegal or violent conduct, such as unlawful use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons, and gangs.

•  Items that may be used as weapons (chains, spikes, etc.) are prohibited.

•  Forms of identification concealment such as face painting and sunglasses are prohibited.

•  Bandannas, hoods, and do-rags,  are not permitted in the building during the school day.

•  Male and female students are restricted from wearing clothing that is unduly revealing (plunging neckline, cut low under the arms, exposes bare midriff, pants worn below the hips exposing the underwear/boxer shorts or skin). Spaghetti strap tops, halter-tops, tube tops, see-through/mesh, muscle shirts, and backless clothing are not permitted.

•  State law requires the wearing of shoes at all times.

Students who violate the dress code will be removed from the educational setting until a change of clothing is made. Repeated violations will result in discipline beyond the change of clothing. Headwear will be taken and returned at the end of the student's day and repeated violations will require a parent to pick up the garment.