Diana Dolan, Special Education Teacher/Case Manager, Pyramid Program

Diana Dolan
Special Education Teacher / Case Manager
Pyramid Program @ Tuscarora High School
*this is a new number from Previous Years

Contact Information:
(240) 236-6479 Please keep in mind this extension is to my planning room.  I am unavailable by phone during class times.  Please leave a message and I will return your call.

You may also reach me via e-mail: diana.dolan@fcps.org


ALGEBRA HSA is scheduled for
Wednesday, May 21, 2014


2013-2014 Semester 3 Courses:
*Block 2: Algebra (yearlong) and Algebra 18 Week
See Syllabus for designated class below:


Students and Parents have access to the Glencoe Algebra 1 Resources.  To gain access please go to:


The following link is to the 2008 Edition of the Algebra book.  Although the we use the 2005 Edition in class, the Worksheet Activities are the same.  Therefore, if your child had 6.4 Solving Compound Inequalities Practice assigned for Homework and either forgot the assignment at school or has misplaced it, you can print a copy at home.
                                              To gain access please go to:


  1. Click Student Workbook
  2. Click 'Practice'
  3. Scroll to Chapter 6 and click the + next to Chapter 6: Solving Linear Inequalities
  4. Scroll down to 6-4: Solving Compound Inequalities and you will have the assignment
Any Worksheet (Study Guide and Intervention, Skills Practice, or Practice) used/assigned from the Glencoe Series can be found following similar procedures.

*Block 4: IEP Learning Strategies

You may access the Civilization Project by clicking the link below:


Please note that IEP Learning Strateigies is not a curriculum driven class. 

If your child is interested in pursuing taking Online Courses outside of the school day to get caught up on credits (perhaps for a class taken but not passed) or to aquire additional credits towards graduation, please direct them to meet with their guidance counselor.

Please refer to course syllabus for the following information:
        *Course Description
        *Grading Policy (including make-up work and Extra Credit)


Need Extra Help?  Attend either TLC (Titan Learning Center), Humanities Hot Spot or ELO (Extended Learning Opportunity):

Tuscarora High School offers FREE after school tutoring Tuesdays and Thrusdays.

Bus Transportation is available to several feeder school locations on Tuesdays and Thursdays only.  If this is not your child's homeschool, you must arrange transportation for your child. 

Please attend Tutoring when you are struggling with any concept introduced in class. 

IT'S FREE!!!!!!

Online Resrouces:

HSA ALGEBRA CLASS PREP SITES (copy and paste into your web broswer)

  1. www.khanacademy.org      Your child has a unique user name and password.  If you need this information sent to you, please contact me.
  2. www.studyisland.com         Your child has a unique user name and password. If you need this information sent to you, please contact me.     

Practice taking the HSA by using the following site: