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 Brandon Chuhran
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Parents and students will find important class and school information relevant to the courses that I traditionally teach such as Government and AP
 Human Geography, accessing academic support, or information for the Lacrosse Program. Hopefully the information provided within these pages will assist you in your search for information, assignments, forms, and expectations. Each of my three areas of responsibility (teaching, advising, and coaching) are outlined throughout the website. Within the Government page, parents and students can find their course syllabus, homework for each section of the curriculum, additional web resources, and lectures for class. The Extended Learning page highlights benefits to after-school tutoring and provides forms for transportation on the activity bus. Finally, the Lacrosse section will provide a calendar of games and practices, policies and expectations, and outside opportunities. If, however, you cannot find the information for which you are searching, do not hesitate to contact me at the following e-mail address:

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