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Starting February 7, 2018 - Ending February 27, 2018

Reserve a time to meet with your guidance counselor!

  • Moore A-C
  • Mills D-I
  • Goto  J-No
  • Wilson  O- Su
  • Forbes  Sw-Z   

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Ms. Moore

  Ms. Mills   

Ms. Goto  

Ms. Forbes

Ms. Wilson

If you plan to attend and would like to request an interpreter, please contact at 240-236-6439

Song Writing Contest

Starting November 21, 2017 - Ending March 21, 2018

FCPS is offering its first ever songwriting contest!

FCPS is offering its first ever songwriting contest!  For more information about the rules and how to enter please visit the website

First prize wins $400 and 4 hours of studio recording time plus a YMCA summer membership!