November News

Our class has recently started a compliments box.  Students have the opportunity to write a compliment to a specific peer or to the whole class.   Students take notice of peers who portray school citizenship.  It is a way to celebrate our use of character traits throughout the school day. 

Academic News

Great news!

Our class is ROARing along in language arts!  Students are able to independently participate in discussion groups about text. Several students have already read ten books on their journey for the Forty Book Challenge.   I am so proud of their accomplishments!  Encourage your child to read for at least twenty minutes daily.

Fun Apps for Music!

 Hello Musicians!

Here is a short list of fun, free apps for music enrichment!  Beware: Some of these may offer in-app purchases.  Always use with supervision.

1. Blob Chorus 
(Determine which of three blobs sings the same note as King Blob!)

2. My Singing Monsters 
(Breed monsters to get a diverse group that sings and plays music in harmony!)
To visit Mrs. Schroeder's island of monsters, add friend code 15656973JF

3. Magic Piano by Smule


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