Customer Testimonials

We love our customers and would enjoy hearing what you think of your experience with us. Use the form at the bottom of the page to leave your thoughts. Submissions are subject to approval, but we love funny!

Also Oct 5-9, 2020 is National Customer Service Week! Since being proclaimed an official event by the U.S. Congress in 1992, the first full business week of each October has been celebrated by organizations across many industries in the United States and around the world.

This year, it’s more important than ever to celebrate Customer Service Week. Practically overnight, service teams moved from in-house to remote work. They put in long hours, with limited staff, and anxious customers. During Customer Service Week celebrate your team’s extraordinary efforts during the pandemic.



I want to thank the entire Tech Support Team.  I am a new employee to FCPS who on-boarded during the Covid shutdown.  I had several roadblocks to working remotely while learning the "lay of the FCPS land".  Without the courteous assistance and patience from the Tech Team, I would still be struggling to gain access and effectively engage in my primary duties.  

Thank you all for being so patient as I asked what seemed like a thousand questions!  You are appreciated! 

Bryant Harris

I would love to give a "shout out" to Bryant Harris!  He is always willing to help with a smile on his face!  He helps in a timely manner. If he doesn't know the answer to a question, he will find it for you!!

Laurie Bohanan

Laurie Bohanan has been an immense help for TJMS while we are with out a USS.  She jumps in whenever and wherever she is needed.  Cleaning, checking distributing, troubleshooting with Chromebooks.  She has made the first semester at TJMS much smoother for all staff and students and done so willingly.  Her selflessness is greatly appreciated!

Shout Out

I would like to give a big Shout Out to Tammy Cody our User Support Specialist. She joined us in August and has spent many hours organizing and distributing chromebooks, chargers, cases and other equipment to our families. She has spoken with families and worked tirelessly to ensure that they have the tech support needed.
Thank you Tammy!!

Thank You!

I love this image posted a few months ago on FCPS social media sites.

The FCPS Technology Support Department is amazing!    Thank you for always being professional and responsive, despite the unique challenges and adversities the past several months.

Shout out to Kristine Bainbridge

The ACT Team would like to recognize Krissi Bainbridge for all of her help and support that she has provided the ACT Team over the months! Because of her responsiveness, we have been able to secure devices for students quickly.  We appreciate her patience as we email her almost daily.  Thank you for everything, Krissi! heart

Shelly Tribett

The ACT Team would like to recognize Shelly Tribett for her ongoing patience and assistance with ACTT budget and purchasing, which is a daunting task.  We couldn't do our jobs without your support.  Thank you, Shelly!  We appreciate all that you do. heart

Bryant Harris @ TES

It has been a pleasure working with Bryant Harris. He joined TES during the beginning of the pandemic,  and filled the role of Tech Support when it was needed most.  

Since the beginning of this school year-  Bryant has been innovated and proactive. Bryant has been a "saving grace" to those of us who have been in TES servicing students - he responds quickly, and if he doesn't have the solution right away - he researches and gets back to us in a timely matter.

It's been a few years since we had a tech support person who is efficient and pleasant. During this time with technology demands and the problems that are associated with it, it is nice to know that we can go to the "tech guru" and not feel belittled for not knowing what to do.  Thank you Bryant Harris - we appreciate you more than you know!!

Thank You!

Thank you Tech Support for ALL of your help!  

I would especially like to thank Ron for all of his patience while helping me navigate through all of the virtual learning!

thank you!!

Thank you for all the support you have given us, especially these last few months! I know that I personally have put in so many more support tickets than I ever have before and I know I’m not the only one. I so appreciate your diligence in responding quickly to each and every one. THANK YOU! I couldn’t do my job without you right now.


Our user support specialist, Cindy Tibbs, has gone the 'extra mile' servicing our student and staff needs as well as working with her tech team in other schools.  When she is contacted about a student or staff concern in the building or on a phone call, she takes time to resolve issues and to lend a hand.  During the virtual learning experience, Cindy has demonstrated patience and perseverance. We greatly appreciate all that she is doing for Thurmont Middle School.

Bryant Harris, TES

I would like to give a HUGE shout out to Bryant for all of his hard work since he started at TES. He's come to us at a very trying time, and has been a complete life saver to many on numerous occassions. He's the very best anyone could ask for in terms of User Support - always kind, helpful, and troubleshooting until an issue is resolved. He does it all with a smile - even if it is behind a mask!

customer service week

A big thanks to Ted Gardner for his continued support of the ACT Team .  We are so appreciative of the collaboration we have with DTI!

Dream Team for sure!

I very much appreciate the support I consistently receive from the FCPS Technology Support Department!  Issues are always resolved in timely manner, and interactions are extremely cordial and professional.

Thank you for having our backs, and for all you do to support the staff, students, and families of Frederick County Public Schools!!

You are Rock Stars!

Thank you tech services!

So I ask for a lot of support from tech services. Despite my numerous requests (80+ since 2016), I receive great customer service from staff in the tech services department. Technology is a dynamic tool that can support our work or interfere with our work depending on how we embrace it. I choose to embrace new technology and dive into learning new tools in an effort to better serve FCPS staff and families. That said, the responsibilities I have don’t allow me the time to delve into development, so I depend on the experts in tech services which has served me well.

What I appreciate about tech services staff is their understanding that end users like me don’t mean to ask dumb questions. Some people confuse not knowing with being a deficiency. I believe not knowing and not trying and not asking, creates deficiencies. So thank you tech services staff for not only handling questions with tact and finesse, but also taking the time to collaborate and ask questions. The best outcomes are generally not the result of linear progressions. The best outcomes result from thoughtful consideration, questioning, collaboration and thinking outside the box. 

I appreciate the efforts of Alex Collins and Teresa Sell as I have had the most interaction with since the start of SY 2020. They are consistently supportive, professional, creative problem solvers, earnest in the efforts to be supportive, and willing participants in collaboration.

It's Customer Service Week

Colton Shingler countinues to an outstanding job of helping everyone at Middletown Elementary School.  He is constantly multitasking in order to accomodate everyone who has a problem. He always gives the necessary help with lightning speed.

Thank you to the Tech Support Team!

I want to say thank you to all the members of our Tech Support Team!  At any point during the year, and quite a few times this week and last, when I’ve called on behalf of MapNet or the Transportation Department, we have received quick resolution to our technical concerns.  

We’ve requested fax # moves, software updates, had printer concerns and assorted other issues.  Everyone has been helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and especially efficient.  Each situation is usually resolved immediately and when a ticket is escalated, turns around quickly.  

Everyone’s assistance is very much appreciated!