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eSchoolPlus Student Information System


Lisa Bostic, Patti Humphries, Sue Palmer (eSchool Helpdesk), Tim Neal, Bob Staples

eSchoolPLUS+ is the official student information system of Frederick County Public Schools used to manage student data: enrollments, attendance, grades, discipline, testing information, etc. At the elementary level TAC (Teacher Access Center) gradebook is also offered to teachers on an optional basis.


The eSchoolPlus team provides district level and end user support for all student information system functions, documentation, and production of report cards, interims, student transcripts and state reports.


The eSchool HelpDesk can be reached at x45433 or

Go to the eSchoolPlus Website at:


Teacher Access Center - TAC
TAC is a fully integrated piece of the eSchoolPLus+ Student Information System and is accessible by FCPS teachers at all levels to view student summary and class list information for their students. 


At the Elementary level TAC is being used by all teachers to collect report card and student assessment data.  TAC is optionally being used as a fully electronic gradebook system by many Elementary teachers.


At the Secondary level TAC is being used to collect class based attendance at Linganore HS and to collect final grade data at the Frederick County Virtual School.





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