Non-FCPS Employee Network/Email Access Authorization

***This form is no longer being used - Please go to WebHelpDesk to submit a request

Request type is Accounts - Request Form - Non-Employee Account Request


This form is for Outside Vendors, Parent Volunteers and Interns from the county that do not have accounts created for them by our system (all college interns and substitutes are given paperwork to fill out for an acutal account that requires fingerprinting and they DO NOT need to fill out this form).

By submitting this form the submittee will assume responsibility for the user of the account requested and agree that they have shared all FCPS Policy and Regulations assoicated with the use of computers and this account but not limited to Regulation 400-73:  Computers:  Acceptable Use of Digital Networks and Online Resources and 300-45:  Computers -  Staff Use.

After reviewing this request, the helpdesk if necessary will seek final approval from the Principal of the School and/or the Director of Technology.  When this work order is closed and the account created, please share the helpdesk number 301-644-5310 with the new account user.  They will need to call and have their password reset.

Person submitting this request on behalf of the user.  Please submit as fname.lname (Roberta.Clingley)
Title you hold at FCPS!
Please list the first name and last name of the person you are requesting to have access.
Please list the job title of this New Non-FCPS User
Please list the company the requestor works for or the School a volunteer will work.
This should be the company's address that requested user works for, if parent volunteer please leave blank.
If this person works for a company, please list their supervisor's name  and their FCPS Mentor or if a parent volunteer please list Principal's name of school where they will work.
Please list the location you would like the account created in, for example:  Special Education Department or Centerville ES
If no end date is stated or unknown, access will be removed at the end of the current school year.
Please list all distribution lists required, if none please list none. Parent Volunteers will not receive an FCPS email account and will not be placed on any distribution lists.
Always pick option one for parent volunteers!