Transfer Home Directory (Central/Front Office Users ONLY)

***This form is no longer being used - Please go to WebHelpDesk to submit any changes needed.  Accounts are "automatically" created and modified as of summer 2020. 

Request type is Accounts - Staff.  



Please read below before submitting this form:

Transferring of Home Directory Contents can only be done at the Front Office and Central Office levels.  If you are transferring from an Instructional level/EDU position to another or to a Front or Central Office position, you must copy your home directory contents to a portable media.  This request should only be filled out by those employees in a Front or Central Office position moving to another Front or Cental Office position.

If you are transferring this is the wrong form or if you filled out a New/Transfer User to a Central Office or Front Office User submittable Form, there is a check box on that form to transfer your home directory and this form is not necessary.

Please enter username in the firstname.lastname format:  (example:  john.smith)
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