New/Transfer User to a Central Office Location

***This form is no longer being used - Please go to WebHelpDesk to submit any changes needed.  Accounts are "automatically" created and modified as of summer 2020.   

Request type is Accounts - Staff.  


The transfer of a user's home directory can only be completed for Front Office and Central Office Users!  We cannot transfer the home directory from the EDU side.  Users transferring from a school to a Central Office position should copy their files onto a portable media such as a flash drive or DVD before leaving the school.  Contact the school-based Technology Coordinator or User Support Specialist at the school for assistance.

Please enter username in the firstname.lastname format:  (example:  john.smith)
Please enter a number you can be reached for questions!
Please list the phone extension assigned to this user. When phone has been assigned user will receive an email from the Unified Messaging System on how to reset their pin and setup their new voicemail.
It is important to provide the name of the PC you will be using at this new location, so that administrative rights can be assigned to the machine for you.  If you need assistance please contact your Supervisor or Building-Level Tech Support for assistance.  (Example:  CO-SS-JSMITH380)