Transfer User to New Location EDU

***This form is no longer being used - Please go to WebHelpDesk to submit any changes needed.  Accounts are "automatically" created and modified as of summer 2020.   

Request type is Accounts - Staff.  


In most cases when an instructional staff (teacher/instructional assistant, etc) transfers from one location to another, the helpdesk will automatically transfer them when notified by Human Resources.  However sometimes issues happen and the transfer may not complete.  If you have begun working at your new location and have not been able to log in to your account, you may notify the helpdesk @ 45310, contact your building level User Support Specialist or Tech Coordinator or fill out this transfer form.  The helpdesk will investigate and complete the transfer if Human Resources shows your new location.  This form is not for front office or central office personnel.

Please provide your username: firstname.lastname
** Note: Effective Date will be the first day at your new location, once moved you will lose contact with your previous schools drives, home directory and eschool.
Please enter a number you can be reached for questions!