Network Drives-Front/Central Office User Access to Additional Drive(s)

***This form is no longer being used - Please go to WebHelpDesk to submit any changes needed.  Accounts are "automatically" created as of summer 2020.

Request type is Accounts - Staff.  


Users requesting additional drives keep in mind, some drives are limited to the EDU side of network, some to  front office or central office users.  Also, some drives require additional permissions before a user can be granted access to that drive.  Example:  Each school has a secure "O" drive and access to that drive has to be granted by the principal of the school.  The helpdesk will secure the necessary permissions from the principal if this drive is checked.

**DO NOT use this form if you are transferring, all drive access for staff transferring should be done with the New/Transfer User . . . form.  This form is used if you are already working at location and you cannot access a needed drive or need an additional drive.

Please enter your username in the firstname.lastname format:  (example: John.Smith)
Please enter a number you can be reached for questions!