Junk/Spam/Phishing email

The procedures for dealing with Junk/Spam/Phishing emails to FCPS email accounts


FCPS will automatically move suspected spam email messages to user’s Junk email folder. If one suspects they are missing a message, review the Junk folder. If a legitimate message is found, highlight it and click ‘Not Junk’ from the Junk button on the toolbar. This will move the message back to the Inbox and prevent that sender from going to Junk in the future.


Manual Reporting

In the event a Junk/Spam/Phishing message does arrive in the Inbox, take the following actions

  • Do NOT reply, forward, open any links, and/or follow any directions
  • Highlight the junk email message and click ‘Junk’ on the toolbar (see screen shots below). This will move the email to your Junk Email folder and automatically forward a copy to DTI staff.

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