Customer Testimonials

We love our customers and would enjoy hearing what you think of your experience with us.

Also Oct 4-8 2021 is National Customer Service Week! Since being proclaimed an official event by the U.S. Congress in 1992, the first full business week of each October has been celebrated by organizations across many industries in the United States and around the world.

This year, it’s more important than ever to celebrate Customer Service Week. Practically overnight, service teams moved from in-house to remote work. They became a reassuring and comforting voice to customers who were often stressed and anxious. During Customer Service Week celebrate your team’s extraordinary efforts during the pandemic.


Praise for Maria Sgrignoli, MHS User Support Specialist

Maria is a lifesaver and always goes above and beyond the call of duty. Her hard work, diligence, and helpful spirit are gifts to Middletown High School. Thank you, Maria!

WKMS-Cheryl Grese

I want to send a BIG THANK YOU to the best tech support ever...Cheryl make WKMS run smoothly!!! You are so loved!!!

Great work!

Thanks to our Help Desk team for their quick response times and ongoing problem solving! Alex Collins continues to crush it here at COB!

Shout out to Sue Palmer!

I would like to shout out to Sue Palmer! She is always ready to help in any way she can, and she always does it with a smile! Every time I call her for an SOS, she is there for me! I am in a new position this year, and I have had to "lean" on her quite a bit. She always listens and explains until I understand what I'm doing and why. Thank you Sue for your support! You make doing my job a pleasure, and I aspire to be "that" person to all who come to me!


Thank you to the entire FCPS Tech Support team for all you do for me/us. You guys have stepped up to help more so than ever during COVID and did so with a smile. I, personally, never encountered any dismay from any one of you when I called in stressed beyond belief and had tech issues that needed resolving. There were even a few cases where whomever I spoke with was able to help calm me down some. I know what you do tends to be thankless job but I want you to do know that I thank you and appreciate each and every one of you. I also want to call out Alex Collins individually as he truly has been lifesaver during these times. I have a specific issue that needs to be fixed but due to everything going on, my issue is not a priority and I completed understand. However, Alex has managed to create a band aide and is there to gladly apply it whenever necessary. Without his assistance, I wouldn’t necessarily be a ship without water but rather just one bottoming out, which is almost as painful! I want him to know that I appreciate him and the extra assistance he provides me! Thank you!

Thanks Karen!

I want to thank Karen. She was just amazing in walking me through my computer problem. The mic on my laptop wasn't working and I was meeting with my high school seniors virtually. Karen walked me through various steps to assist me and she was awesome.

SIS Team

The SIS Team - particularly Sue Palmer, Patti McClain and Lisa Bostic are AMAZING! They never make you feel like you are bothering them when you have questions or contact them. They realize the stress and timelines we are under for our jobs and try to make things better for us at every opportunity. Amazing group! Sue is on the front line always greeting our repeated questions with a smile-amazing, amazing person!!! Always so kind and never makes us feel stupid for our questions.


Just wanted to send a shout out to: Tresa Brown, Angela Shanton and Laurie Bohanon for being so efficient with getting tickets completed and helping meet the needs of our special education students.

Amy Boehmann Pollitt - she's a get 'em done girl! Always thinking out of the box, creating connections with outside vendors, training general and special educators, fighting for the accessibility rights of our students, and helping guide the technology ship in the office. She brings to our office a wealth of knowledge!


Praise for John "Wes" Baugher: postive communication style that is still effective in conveying technical facts and procedural information, even under the pressure of hundreds upon hundreds of emails each week to respond to.

Carole Carr-Compliments & Praises

Carole provides the best customer service to her schools and User Supports. She gives her all to make sure the User Supports have what they need to grow, prosper and succeed in their jobs. I thank Carole for listening, understanding and teaching when I need her most. I could not ask for a better person who exemplifies customer service like Carole Carr. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your team!!

Kudos for ACTT Support

The ACT Support Team consistently goes above and beyond to respond to ongoing emergencies for our students with special needs. They understand that when student devices break, a child has lost their "voice". These three ladies have met with parents anywhere and anytime (even off the clock) to deliver newly configured devices, back up vocabulary and troubleshoot issues. Even with unique issues popping up every day, they research the issue to find answers before reaching out to other experts. They are willing to learn in new areas and gladly share their knowledge with others. When working with customers, they are always patient, understanding, and reassuring. The ACT Team is extremely grateful to have them as part of the team. heart


Connie Kinna has been an incredible member of the Rock Creek family for a long time! Her experience allows her to understand the unique needs of our school and her dedication has been a benefit to our kids and their growth. Thanks Ms. Connie!

Additional Kudos

Mike Moss and Becky Thompson: Thank you for your ongoing help and expertise on TipWeb as the ACT Team navigates unique and interesting situations! You have been responsive and willing to brainstorm solutions with us so that we can have the software work for our purposes. We appreciate your time and effort as we encounter new issues.

Recognizing Tech Support: Mary Reed

I'd like to recognize FCPS Tech Support Professional: Mary Reed for OUTSTANDING, STELLAR, S.T.U.P.E.N.D.O.U.S...and any positive adjective one selects... customer support.

She went above and beyond the call of duty during our initial months of Covid-19 distance learning to resolve a serious connectivity issue for me.

To do my role I so enjoy at Rock Creek School, I had been using my phone hotspot, with some element of success and lots of challenge. She was as patient as she was kind and thoroughly professionally competent. Her stated philosophy is "...try to get it right the first time..." vs. half-answers to rush the requests through which, in reality, result in repeat calls back to a school TechRep or HelpDesk.

Working through the issue it was as though she were sitting next to me in a relaxed-coffee-cup-in-hand manner which fostered clear thinking for us both vs. unnecessary "hurry-up" stress. Her efficient strategy proved superior: I have not had ongoing, return calls to the HelpDesk nor needed to overwhelm our school's TechReps.

Thank you for recognizing Mrs. Reed in a meaningful manner. Mrs. Mary Reed is an example of all that is right and good about FCPS.

N.P. Kudos

Nick has been a great resource to the ACT Team as we need to identify new and novel solutions for students with special needs in our county!  He has worked quickly to help us find the best tools for our students that still work with the network.  We appreciate his expertise and patience. laugh

Kevin Jaye at BES

I would like to thank Kevin Jaye from Brunswick Elementary School for all of his tech help.  He goes above and beyond and will do all he can to solve our school's tech issues.  We are so blessed to have him and truly are grateful for all he does for our school, staff, teachers and students.

Also, anytime that I have had to call the help desk, customer service is top notch.  Everyone has been so kind and are always determined to help solve problems. Thank you to our FCPS Help Desk!

Solving tech problems with skill!

I have had to call Tech Services at least 5-6 times over COVID.  Every time I have called them, they are calm, patient, kind, and solve the problem within minutes.  They follow up on every ticket.  I really appreciated their help.  I can only imagine how many calls they are getting!

Thanks to you all

As a senior member of the Itinerant Special Education staff, I want to thank you all for the patience and support you have given me and our team on a regular basis.  It doesn't matter who I talk with you all offer fast support and are able to help me get through my day when things begin to fall apart.  I could not do my job without the Help Desk and should probably use them sooner than I do.  I tend to try to take care of things myself and in the process probably make things worse.  Kudos to you all.  Have a wonderful week!

love our web help desk crew

Time after time they have rescued me and my PC from disaster. 
Rarely can I go more than a couple weeks without needing them. Always patient, professional, and competent!!


Thank you to Karen Florwick as she has been an incredible resource on Solar Winds for the ACT Support Team.  She understands the unique needs of our group and works with us to make Solar Winds the best possible fit for our team to increase productivity and efficiency.  She always answers the phones with a smile in her voice and laugh to defuse any stress that one might be having during the day.

Customer Service Week

Thanks to Chris Heinze for the support he gives to ACTT.  We're always just outside of the box and he is able to make customizations to fit our needs!

Thank you!

I’d like to thank all of you who answer the x45310 line whenever I call with a technical issue. No matter who answers, I’ve always received the help that I need regardless of the issue. To boot, its always been a pleasant experience with the tech person on the other end – professional and pleasant. Those simple little things (P&P) go a long way. Especially when most people are stretched thin with their responsibilities etc. 

Kudos to all

Throughout this challenging pandemic, the Tech Services team has provided excellent support. I've called many times, and have never had to wait on the phone and have received excellent support each time.

I just want to give a shout-out to a couple staff members:

1. Karen Florwick - Karen always answers the phone with a smile in her voice. She is knowledgeable and happy to help. She will readily tell you if she doesn't know but will work tirelessly to get an answer or a fix.
2. Ron Cool - Ron is such a calming influence which is great when you are stressed out over an issue. He is also very knowledgeable and is can seemingly fix anything.

The whole team is phenomenal and I've never called a helpdesk that is as consistently so. Wish Comcast had staff like this!

Thank you!

customer service week

Shout out to Amy Boehman-Pollitt for her expertise on the technical on instructional sides of of technology.  From Read & Write to ipad management you truly do it all!

Thank you!

Good morning. Just want to say thank you and I appreciate all you do from answering the silliest questions to staying on the phone for 15mins until I was able to log  back into my account. Thank you for the support. Continued Blessings.

shout out

I would like to give a big thank you to Laurie Ward at KES. Laurie has worked diligently to get Chrome books into the hands of students, work with teachers to get their schoology accounts running smoothly, and especially working with the IA and SEIA's in our building. Since the IA and SEIA are responsible for covering schoology classrooms when teacher are absent or have IEP meetings, Laurie has been instrumental in setting up the technology and training us to use the equipment. She has also helps with our schoology questions and issues we run across while using the platform. Laurie is a valuable asset to KES.

Thank you!

I am in awe of the work IT has done these past six months. You have been the back bone of our work. Thanks to each and every one of you for your herculean efforts.

I would particularly like to thank Ted Gardner and Doug Favorite for their assistance with the multiple federal grants that we have submitted over the past six months. We could not have successfully submitted those grants without your help. Thank you!


Catoctin High School could not function without the FABULOUS, STEPHANIE FELMET!

CHS Felmet

Stephanie goes over and beyond to help staff and students.  She is an integral part of DTI's Dream Team. 

Kudo's to the Tech Support Team

I want to thank the entire Tech Support Team.  I am a new employee to FCPS who on-boarded during the Covid shutdown.  I had several roadblocks to working remotely while learning the "lay of the FCPS land".  Without the courteous assistance and patience from the Tech Team, I would still be struggling to gain access and effectively engage in my primary duties.  

Thank you all for being so patient as I asked what seemed like a thousand questions!  You are appreciated!

LHS Thanks Our User Support Specialist!

Many thanks to LHS User Support Specialist Kim Hunley, who has tirelessly answered parent, staff, and student calls with not only Chromebook issues but log-in, Schoology, Kami, and many other tech questions. She has been a valuable advocate for hot spots for our families and staff, and we are grateful for her support!


Chris Heinze

This is a special shout out to Chris Heinze. He is amazing! He is always kind, patient, positive and friendly!  He helps immediately and efficiently with any tech concerns. FCPS is lucky to have him on our team!  Thank you, Chris!

Laurie Ward

A big thank you to Laurie Ward at KES.  She has spent countless hours helping the IA and SEIA's with Schoology. Laurie has set up our equipment in order for us to sub for the teachers.  She has gotten chrome books and hot spots to our students as needed.  She has helped with questions and technology issues that have come up.  Laurie has been a tremendous help with all this virtual learning.  Thanks again for all you do.

Additional Kudos

To ALL TS2s and DTI employees in Doug's Office:
Thank you for welcoming ACTT to the group and your ongoing support and collaboration.  We realize what a valuable asset and partner you are to get students and teachers the best possible service when troubleshooting problems.  You are all such a pleasure to work with!  Your willingness to brainstorm and communicate with us has made our daily work so much easier to navigate.  As a group, we have enjoyed your jokes, smiles and laughter to lighten the mood of a very stressful job.  We appreciate all that you do for us and our students! 

Connie Kinna:
Thank you for your expertise in helping our team over the years as our TS2 point of contact.  You have helped train countless new employees and are always willing to take a call to help out.  Your previous knowledge of ACTT has been useful as you understand the background of unique students and situations.  We have enjoyed our time with you and appreciate everything you have done for us.

Stefanie Roberts:
Thank you for your patience and understanding as our new TS2 point of contact for ACT Support!  Your cheerful disposition, expertise and willingness to learn and brainstorm with us has been greatly appreciated.  We look forward to working with you this year!

David Goto:
Thank you for your happy emails and jokes that you send to us as a group.  With so many problems that arise over email, we enjoy the fun tidbits that you send to make us laugh and smile.  Your happiness is contagious and appreciated!


Help Desk:  I have had good experience any time I've had to contact the Help Desk.  The staff there is knowledgable, polite, and patient.  They go above and beyond to make sure problems are solved or avoided and are incredibly friendly and, well, helpful!  Many thanks to you all. laugh

Tony Bollino:  Tony has a big job and a lot of people to serve in the K-12 VPA department and beyond.  He is always looking for new ways to explore and introduce technology and is readily available during office hours or by appointment.  He has gone beyond his daily job requirements by establishing Tech Time Tuesdays where he shares helpful tips and insights.  If Tony doesn't know the answer to your question, he will find it quickly and share it with you.  He has a vast library of tutorials and screencasts and is always willing to work with others to accomplish their tech goals.  His commitment to his job and the teachers with whom he works is very clear and he is very, very appreciated.

Kyle Eccard:  Kyle has worked tirelessly (like, seriously, I don't know when he sleeps!) to provide care and support for teachers in many ways, but especially with Schoology technical issues.  He is quick and thorough and willing to go the extra mile, like scheduling a Google Meet session with you to work through problems you are encountering with Schoology.  He is positive and upbeat, patient and kind, and is truly a leader in this technology Dream Team.

Make it a great day!


I just want to give a shout out to the Help Desk folks for their outstanding job of getting all of the members of FCPS (CO staff, schools and students) up and running virtually—a job that to me is mind-boggling!!  In the beginning, I just didn’t get it, and was calling the Help Desk every other day to get me out of technical difficulties—and you were always there—patiently walking me through whatever was not working that day.  I started to “get it”  after a while, and haven’t needed to call Help Desk, but knowing you are there, ready to bail me out of whatever technical issues I am dealing with, is a HUGE comfort.  Thank you; thank you!!!  You are so appreciated!!


Sue Palmer has always been friendly, supportive and so helpful when I have called the helpline or attended a training that she has led.
Her pleasant demeanor makes one feel good to be around her and she has always shown me upstanding customer service!
I wish more people in FCPS had the same good manners and regard for others as she does!
She is an asset to our district and deserves ultra-kudos!


I would like to say that Kaleb Crawford from Urbana Elementary has done a fabulous job with Tech services. He has had to open a new school with new technology, trouble shoot IT problems and still work at his former school Centerville Elementary. He has done all of this with a smile and gets problems resolved quickly when it is something that he can handle. Kudos To Kaleb.

FCPS Tech Services Department

In light of “Customer Service Week”
I want to say, it is not just this week that FCPS technology support services shines, it is always!

Help Desk: 
We have called the help desk many times since COVID hit in March. 
In the beginning, it was computer, connectivity and SKYPE issues due to working from home.  
Then in August/September, it was computer, connectivity, set up issues due to Virtual Learning staff and student issues. 
Never, once, have I been disappointed or left the call without feeling helped.
If Technology Support Services could not fix the issue, they never said: “It is not our issue”.  They always found a way to provide additional information so we could quickly call outside service providers to get our issues fixed:
provided names of area computer service centers so we could contact them to have our own personal computers updated or fixed. 
Advised us who to call and what to do once SKYPE started giving issues on personal cell phones, after their exhaustive help and techniques would not work. 
Robert Atkins addresses each issue quickly and thoroughly. He always provides excellent customer service and goes above and beyond! 
A shout out to Becky Thompson, David, Ron and Greg: We would be quite frustrated if not for your expertise and assistance.
Thank you technology support services.

Jose Ramirez: Tech Support Specialist I and Kaylynn Evans, User Support Specialist: 
Jose has been such a wonderful help to Green Valley since he was assigned to our area. 
He has helped our User Support Specialist, Kaylynn Evans, since her start at Green Valley. 
Kaylynn is wonderful, has the patience of a saint and certainly can multitask.  
Jose always steps in when Kaylynn is not available or assigned to another task.
He never leaves the office until he asks if there is anything else we need. This is excellent customer service!

customer service week

Mr. Perez and Mrs. Diggs do a great job helping with technology questions! They respond quickly and resolve problems for teachers and students! Much appreciated! 

Customer Service

Whenever I call the Help Desk, for even the smallest thing, I am always treated with an extremely high level of customer service and patience.  Your team exemplifies exactly what that means.  To be able to do that with an extremely high call volume goes way above and beyond.

Tech Suppot /Waverley

Paula Burke is always available to trouble shoot and support ALL my tech needs and more.
She is always patient and kind with her support.
I have learned so many new skills from Paula that have made my instruction much stronger.
Thank you Paula for all you do!!!

Dream Team

Alex Collins, Will Watson and his partner, Nathan are quick, knowledgeable and always friendly!! We appreciate all that you do!!!

Dream Team

A big shout out to Catoctin High's tech leader Stephanie Felmet. Stephanie gives of her time selflessly to make sure that CHS does not miss a beat. She goes above and beyond to assist staff members and students with techonology. She does an amazing job with the daily announcements; they are a work of art. CHS is blessed to have her!  Stephanie-THANK YOU for all you do for each and every cougar. You rock!!!  



Karen Florwick is always pleasant, cheerful and helpful. She’s a great asset to FCPS’s Tech Group.


Many thanks, to Phil Shaffer from Mps! Always helpful, and always patient.


Thank you to the Tech Services team for the many ways that each of you support the Department of Organizational Development!  From prompt service to patience for answering lots of questions to helping us to envision our future service to the learners of FCPS, we are fortunate to count your group among our friends!

Happy Customer Service Week to some of the best around!

West Frederick USS

Kudos to Mike Imboden for all he does to support the WFMS students and staff. His "one-stop-shop" tech support website helps students, staff and families troubleshoot common problems during virtual learning and his willingness to dig for answers make him incredibly valuable! Thanks for all you do!

Thank you

I can not say thank you enough for all of the times this past spring, summer and fall that I have contacted tech services and they have assisted me. Each time I call, the crew at tech services always tried their best to answer my questions, assist with glitches or just listen and try to problem solve. They do all of this in a clam cheerful manner -regardless of how stressed I seem. They always put my mind at ease. If a problem can not be solved on the spot, they have always gotten back to me and figured out a solution. They have truly been a lifeline – knowing I can just call and save time by getting a question answered or a problem solved. 

They do have the best customer service!

Customer Service recognition

I work at TES (Thurmont Elementary) and I wanted to recognize Bryant Harris for his friendly, knowledgeable, and expedient customer service here at the school. I have had to contact Bryant for several things myself and he has always been prompt and helpful. I have also witnessed Bryant helping several other staff within the school, I have noticed that he is always sharing and teaching while working with a smile on his face. Bryant has been a great addition and asset to the TES family. Thanks for all you do, Bryant!