Welcome to Tech Support

Our Mission Statement:  "To work together as motivated professionals supporting the use o

f technology in Frederick County Public School's dynamic educational environment."

The Tech Support Department provides information and assistance on all aspects of technology as it relates to problem resolution in the following areas: 

  • FCPS hardware, hardware upgrades and Troubleshooting 
  • Software installations, Updates and Troubleshooting 
  • Network Connectivity Issues
  • Network/Email Account Issues  
  • Telephone, Avaya and Unified Messaging Issues
  • Testing Issues Related to Device, Readiness and Connectivity
  • and Other Technology Issues

If you need assistance, there are several ways to contact Tech Support:

 HelpDesk Phone:  x45310 (internal) or 301-644-5310 (external)  

          Monday-Friday 7am to 5pm           

  Please note: Helpdesk is on a 12 month support staff work schedule (closed major holidays and Fridays during summer)


  Email:      webhelpdesk@fcps.org    (generates a ticket) 


  Open a Ticket:    WebHelpDesk   

Look for the orange and white life preserver on your desktop (central & front offices) or the Application Menu (instructional), to create a ticket!


Tech Support  - Contact Information

Supervisor Doug Favorite
Administrative Secretary Kristine Bainbridge
Client Service Specialist (CS2) Greg Armentrout
  Ron Cool
  Karen Florwick
  Becky Thompson
Client Services Technicain (CST) Alex Collins (Assigned to Central Office)
System Support Specialist (SSS) Robbie Atkins
  David Goto
  Michael Moss 
  Nick Pingatore 
  Mary Reed 
  John Soluri 
Technology Support Specialist (TS2) Carole Carr
  LuAnne Ewing
  Connie Kinna
  Jose Ramirez
  Stefanie Roberts
  Teresa Sell
  Kelly Sine
  Barbara Stevens
  Beth Sulcer


The Client Service Specialists Team, Client Services Technician  and the System Support Specialists Team work on the Helpdesk answering phones as well as in the field solving technical issues.  Both of these groups work from a queue based ticketing system.  

Technology Support Specialists are assigned around 8 to 10 schools each and require tickets be submitted/escalated by building level Tech Coordinators or User Support Specialists unless other arrangements have been made for assistance. 

Questions or suggestions about the Tech Support Department and websites should be directed to Doug Favorite, Technology and School Support Supervisor.

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