To Purchase Desktops and Laptops

If you wish to purchase desktops or laptops, please continue to use the same process as in the past.


To Purchase Chromebooks and iPads

Due to the implementation of the 1:1 program, all Secondary Schools should contact the DTI Tech Support Supervisor’s office at x65828, to satisfy any Chromebook needs they may have.

Elementary Schools may purchase Chromebooks or iPads using this new procedure.

Based on the above criteria, if you still qualify to buy Chromebooks or iPads, you will need to purchase them by creating an MSR in PeopleSoft.

A new process is in place as of July 1st, 2019 for Purchasing Chromebooks and iPads.  Orders should be placed using an online MSR in PeopleSoft.  These items are listed as follows:



Item # 6001 Dell Chromebook

Item # 6002 HP Chromebook

Item # 6003 ACER Chromebook

Item # 6004 iPad 32GB

Item # 6005 iPad 128GB


There may be a brief delay in receiving orders placed starting in July while we get the supplies in place to start filling school orders. 

To see the available Chromebook options, click here.

To see the available iPad options, click here.

To see instructions on how to create an MSR click here.

To sign into PeopleSoft click here.