Chromebook Support

School based staff should direct all requests for technical assistance to the User Support Specialist or Technology Coordinator assigned to their location.

Use to submit all requests for assistance.

Notice on support of BYOD: DTI provides the FCPSGuest wireless to enable a BYOD permissive environment, however, staff should not troubleshoot personal devices.

General Troubleshooting

Chromebooks, like most other electronic devices, can benefit from a reboot from time to time.  If you notice general issues, pressing the power and refresh buttons together will reboot the device.  Additionally, if your user profile has issues you can remove it and re-add it to the device.  All settings and apps are saved to the cloud, so it is just a refresh.

Chromebook Cleaning Directions

  • Use the screen & keyboard cleaner provided by DTI to clean Chromebooks.  Do not use solvents on electronics.  If the school runs out of cleaner, please use water to clean devices.
  • Hold the bottle at a distance to lightly mist both the keyboard and screen with one spray.  Do not exceed two sprays.  Excess moisture can damage electronic components.
  • Use the blue side (wet side) of the cleaning wand in a side-to-side motion to gently wipe across the screen and then the keyboard.
  • The gray side of the cleaning wand can be used to absorb any excess moisture and to polish streaks.
  • Allow the Chromebook to dry before closing the lid.

Chromebook Wipe Policy

The Chromebook Wipe Policy is a network setting that can be deployed to a school collection for a given window of time.  Every time a Chromebook is powered on, the local student profiles are deleted from the device.  This is an effective means of removing outdated user profiles.  Additionally, it reduces errors that may occur when profiles do not sync correctly.

We recommend using this policy at the beginning of the school year to clean up user profiles from the previous year.

If the school would like this policy enabled, the User Support Specialist should submit a work order stating they want the wipe policy turned on.  Please note the specific time period desired. The ticket will be escalated to the Technology Support Specialist. Please note that this should never be done during testing of any kind.