1:1 Collection Procedures

End of Year Chromebook Collection - School Year 2017 - 2018

June 4 – June 15 – 1:1 schools may begin collecting Chromebooks from students.

DTI strongly encourages schools to spread out the collection process during this window.  Prioritize collecting devices from students who have completed any required testing.

During Chromebook collection, all Chromebooks should be:

  • Cleaned
  • Assessed for damage/repairs
  • Labeled
  • Checked in
  • Stored in a secure room

Utilize any available staff and make students active participants in the process.  Schools should consider establishing stations where staff guide students through each step.

  1. Empty personal items from Chromebook case

Chromebooks will be stored in the case over the summer.  Any personal items should be removed from cases with storage compartments.

  1. Clean Chromebook according to cleaning directions

Students are allowed to clean Chromebooks under staff supervision.  Please review our recommended Chromebook cleaning procedures.

  1. Assess for damage

Please encourage accountability.  A staff member should assist students in examining their Chromebook for hardware issues.  Have a working power adapter on hand to ensure Chromebooks power on properly even if the battery has discharged.  A staff member should create work orders for necessary repairs at helpdesk.fcps.org.  Chromebooks in need of repair should be marked and stored separately.

  1. Label

If the Chromebook case does not already have a label indicating the name of the assigned student, students should write their name on a tag.  Returning students will receive the same device next school year.

  1. Check in

Chromebooks should be marked returned on the Chromebook inventory.  If using TLC through the media center, the Chromebook should be checked in for the summer.  If you have questions regarding the use of TLC, the school Media Specialist should contact Kyle Eccard in Media Services.

  1. Storage

Chromebooks should be stored in a secure room.  User Support Specialists should communicate the storage location to their TS2.  If the school does not believe they have an appropriate summer storage location, please contact the Department of Technology Infrastructure for assistance.