County IEP Process

In an effort to provide clarity and understanding to the County IEP process, we are sending this memorandum of understanding with the attached regulation and referral packet.  


FCPS makes every effort to educate students with disabilities in their home school or within a specialized program in FCPS.  Therefore, IEP teams have a duty to ensure that school staff have implemented strategies and interventions to address educational and/or behavioral challenges before a referral to CIEP is made. If the following have occurred and the student does not make progress on IEP goals and objectives, a referral to CIEP is recommended.  A Central Office Special Education Coordinator/Teacher Specialist must be in attendance at the school IEP meeting where this referral is made.


The steps in the process are as follows:

1.  Contact Central Office Special Education Coordinator/Teacher Specialist to discuss student needs and set up an observation.

2.  Review instructional practices, collect data, and determine appropriateness in  consultation with Central Office Special Education Coordinator/Teacher 


3.  Review academic interventions, collect data, and determine appropriateness in consultation with Central Office Special Education Coordinator/Teacher 


4.  Ensure the IEP is up to date with present levels of academic and functional performance, accommodations, supplemental aids and services, and goals to 

     address students’ areas of weakness.

5.  If there are behavioral concerns, a BIP is in place and being implemented.

6.  Recommendations from school based and/or central office staff have been implemented.


Once these steps have been followed a referral to county is appropriate. Please note, incomplete packets will be returned to the school for completion.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

County IEP Resources:

CIEP Regulation:  Regulation 400-09

County IEP Referral:  CIEP Referral

Instructional Framework to Support Struggling Students:  Struggling Students