Vision Services

Itinerant Vision Office Location:

Tuscarora High School

5312 Ballenger Creek Pike

Frederick, MD 21703

All student questions and concerns should initially be directed to Rebecca Hommer, Vision Itinerant Team Leader at TBD. Itinerant Vision Teachers are assigned to support each IEP team and/or student case.

 Itinerant Vision Team Contact Information:

Contact Name Phone
Angela Dillon 240-236-6492
Elizabeth Day 240-236-6491
TBD 240-236-8952
TBD 240-236-6490
Jamie Fox-Team Lead (Point of Contact) 240-236-6495
Ann Foster-Braillist  240-236-6506

Vision Services

FCPS’s Vision Services provide services to eligible students (birth -21) who require specialized instruction, accommodations and / or modifications as a result of blindness or visual impairment(s) in order to prepare the students to become contributing members of a global society. Teachers of the Visually Impaired and Orientation & Mobility Specialists deliver a range of services to these students through an Itinerant Service Delivery Model.  Range of services include but are not limited to:

  • consultation to school staff , families and caregivers regarding students’ vision needs
  • direct instruction in the expanded core curriculum (i.e. Braille, compensatory skills, technology, utilization of functional vision, Orientation & Mobility)
  • provision of adapted materials and specialized equipment


In order for a student living in Frederick County to be eligible for vision services, the following criteria must be met and must adversely impact the student’s education:

  • An ocular condition where acuities are worse than 20/70 with correction in better eye
  • An ocular condition which produces severe field restrictions
  • An ocular condition which is progressive and leads to vision loss
  • A medical history positive for /diagnosis of Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) where visual responses related to CVI are unresolved

 This information is usually found in a Physician’s Assessment Report and/or Functional Vision Assessment (FEA) and reviewed at a FCPS eligibility IEP team meeting with parent participation.

FAQ-Frequently Asked Vision Questions

If I suspect a student in my class/on my caseload has vision deficits which are impacting classroom performance, what is the procedure for getting vision services?

If you suspect a student is eligible for vision services, complete the Vision Services Checklist located on FormFinder under Special Education. Then contact the Vision Services Team Leader, Rebecca Hommer.  A vision services screening will take place and outcomes communicated with school staff. If warranted, an IEP or 504 meeting would occur thereafter to discuss testing and services.

What is the difference between vision therapy and vision services?

Vision Therapy is a medical intervention performed by a licensed medical professional.  This therapy is performed in a medical atmosphere or in the child's home under the direction supervision of a medical professional.

Vision Services is an educational intervention to accommodate a student's needs in the classroom.  This service is provided by a certified teacher for the visually impaired in conjunction with the student's educational team.

How do I enlarge information on a computer screen when my student is taking electronic tests?

Hold down the CTRL key and use the scroll feature on the mouse.  Scroll up to enlarge, down to reduce.   You can also try pressing both the CTRL and the +/- keys.

There is also sometimes a scale on the lower right of the screen.  The cursor can be moved to the right or left to enlarge or reduce the contents of the screen.

What is the procedure for requesting print materials in braille or converted to tactile graphics?

In order for students who are blind to effectively access their education, by law, classroom materials must be presented in braille. Sometimes, textbooks, novels and other materials in braille may be available for purchase.  Most often, however, instructional materials need to be brailled by staff in the vision department.  Instructional materials (worksheets, study guides, graphs, etc.) to be brailled or converted to tactile graphic must be received by the TVI assigned to the student at least one week in advance of intended use.

What are some helpful resources for administrators and instructional staff to support students with visual impairments?

American Foundation for the Blind

National Federation of the Blind

Maryland School for the Blind

The Haddley School for the Blind

Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind

Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

The Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired

Perkins eLearning

Paths to Literacy

Additional Vision Services Resources

Itinerant Vision Services Referral Process and User Guide

The SE:1F Referral Checklist for Vision Evaluation is located on FormFinder under Special Education

Process for Ordering Large Print Books

Letter for Ordering Large Print Books

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