Extended School Year ESY

Extended School 2020 Year (ESY) Forms & Information

2020 ESY Applications - Please apply by 3/1/2020 for primary consideration of your ESY assignments

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Reminder that the ESY dates for 2020 are July 6th to July 30th.  IEP teams should make ESY decisions for students by March.

The window for making ESY decisions is from January to March

  • Data used is from the 2019-2020 school year
  • ESY data should be within six to eight weeks of the IEP decision

This discussion can take place in:

  • Annual Reviews
  • Interim Reviews
  • Reevaluation Meetings
  • Remember to add ESY consideration to the IEP meeting notification under the purpose for the meeting and allow enough time to have a complete discussion

Reach out to your coordinator for special circumstances
As you make ESY decisions, ensure that you follow the following procedures:

Use the ESY Determination Talking Points and the ESY Look Fors to identify and consider critical life skills and answer ESY questions 2-6.

  • If the student qualifies for ESY:
    • Confirm the ESY location using the ESY Flyer and provide a copy of the flyer to the parents.
    • Fill out the ESY Special Education Transportation Form at the IEP meeting and confirm pick up and drop off locations with the parent.  If the parent does not know the locations at the time of the meeting, please use this statement and document this discussion in the IEP meeting notes.
      • We will use your home address to complete the ESY transportation form today.  If the pick and drop location changes, please contact  _____’s case manager immediately to provide the new information.  This information needs to be given before the last day of the school year.  Please know that changes to pick up and drop off address after May of 2020, will not guarantee service for the beginning of the program.
    • Within 10 days of the IEP meeting, email the ESY Transportation Form to Transportatation.SpecialEd@fcps.org.  Make sure the subject line of the email reads ESY Transportation Form
    • Within 5 days of the IEP meeting, email the completed ESY Referral form and the following documents to ESYreferral@fcps.org.
      • BIP, if needed
      • Feeding protocol, if needed
      • Individual Student Health Care Plan, if needed
      • Copy of ESY Special Education Transportation Form
      • Health Form