IEP Team Chairpersons Training



IEP Chairperson Training 2018-2019


January 10, 2019 Rochelle Eisenberg IEP Chairperson Training


November 19, 2018 IEP Chairperson Training



March 19, 2018 IEP Chairperson Training

January 16, 2018 IEP Chairperson Training

November 15, 2017 IEP Chairperson Training


OLD ARCHIVED Professional Learning


November 16, 2016 IEP Chairperson Hangout AM  IEP Chairperson Hangout PM, LiveBinder Resource


September 12, 2016 New IEP Chairperson Training LiveBinder Resource


September 9. 2015 IEP Chairperson Audio Conference LiveBinder Resource


December 2, 2014 Elementary & Secondary IEP Chairperson Audio Conference LiveBinder Resource 


December 9, 2013 Elementary IEP Chairperson Webinar 10-11am  LiveBinder Resource


December 16, 2013 Secondary IEP Chairperson Webinar 1-2pm  LiveBinder Resource


November 6, 2012 IEP Chairperson's Audio Conference Participants' Resource


New IEP Team Chairpersons Face to Face Professional Development
September 11, 2012


Chairing Successful IEP Meetings

5 Day Rule Tutorial

Excusal Tutorial 

Prior Writen Notice Tutorial  

Prior Written Notice Hints Resource 

SECAC Message


Helpful Articles


6 Things Never to Say at an IEP Team Meeting
6 Tips to Successful IEP Team Meetings
IEP Team Chairpersons Audio Conference

March 26, 2012
IEP Team Chairpersons Audio Conference Participant Resource

Six Tips for Successful IEP Team Meetings

November 4th, 2011

IEP Team Chairpersons Audio Conference

IEP Team Chairperson Audio Conference Recording