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IEP Chairperson Training Google Hangout February 5 Presentation and Google Hangout

IEP Chairperson Training Jan 2019 Rochelle Eisenberg

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IEP Chairperson Before, During and After an IEP Team Meeting Checklist


IEP Chairperson May 2018

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November 15, 2017 IEP Chairperson Training 

IEP Chairperson Handbook 2017-including sample agendas and how to complete IEP team meeting notes, including PWN.

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5 Day Rule Standard Operating Procedure Provision of Accessible Copies of Documents to Parents for an IEP Meeting

  Technical Assistance Bulletin

In accordance with Section 8-405 of the Education Article to the Annotated Code of Maryland and to allow parents the opportunity to meaningfully participate in the IEP process, FCPS requires that at least (5) business days before a scheduled IEP team meeting, the parents are to receive an accessible copy of each assessment, report, data chart(s), draft IEP, or other document the IEP team plans to discuss at the meeting, unless extenuating circumstances exist.

5 Day Rule Standard Operating Procedure SOP

5 Day Rule 2018-2019 Business Day Calendar



Least Restrictive Environment-LRE Page IEP Team Decision Making Guide

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