Sabillasville Elementary School is a PBIS (Positive Behavioral Support System) school.  PBIS means that teachers, administrators, and counselors are going to take the time to TEACH positive behavior expectations to students. PBIS means that students will know exactly what is expected of them and what the consequences will be when they choose not to meet school-wide expectations. PBIS also means that students who behave positiviely will be recognized and rewarded. What are the new rules at SES (also known as the SES Way)?
Climbing to the Top…The SES Way
     Keep hands and feet to yourself
     Take care of and organize your supplies
     Sit on your bottom
     Respect other people’s personal space
     Walk in a straight line
     Stay in line with your class
     Stay to the right and keep your hands at your sides
     Put all trash in the trashcan
     Use healthy habits
     Wash your hands
     Work cooperatively and listen to others
     Follow directions
     Participate in classroom activities
     Keep your eyes forward and your lips closed
     Use the bathroom in a timely manner
     Use the 10 second rule when washing your hands
     Complete classwork and homework assignments on time
     Accept consequences
     Keep your feet quiet but moving
     Admire hallway displays
     Use the bathroom at the appropriate time
     Use supplies appropriately
     Respect privacy of others
Climbing to the Top…The SES Way
     Walk at all times
     Maintain your position in line
     Follow directions
     Play in designated areas
     Keep hands and feet to yourself
     Follow directions of the bus driver
     Remain seated, face forward, keep your feet on the floor
     Eat your lunch and speak in conversational tones
     Engage in respectful and appropriate conversations
     Follow game rules
     Include others in games and activities
     Take turns and play cooperatively
     Stay in your seat
     Keep your hands to yourself
     Return trays and clean up your area
     Throw away all your trash
     Accept consequences
     Bring your lunch or lunch money to the cafeteria
     Use good manners
     Be responsible for the equipment and lunchboxes you bring outside
     Use kind words like please, thank you, and excuse me
     Accept consequences
     Arrive to the bus stop on time
     Know the evacuation procedures.
Climbing to the Top…The SES Way
Field Trips
     Enter and exit in an orderly fashion
     Sit appropriately
     Keep your eyes on the speaker
     Remain seated with your class
     Stay with your chaperone
     Follow pedestrian guidelines
     Be respectful to community members
     Participate in the program
     Listen attentively
     Make connections to the curriculum
     Use kinds words like please, thank you, and excuse me
     Show appropriate appreciation for the performer
     Use a quiet voice
     Return permission slips on time
     Be prepared