Welcome to the SES Media Center!

     The SES Media Center houses print and nonprint materials for all ages and abilities of elementary students.  These include a wide variety of picture books, fiction chapter books, nonfiction, and magazines for children.  There are also a"digital library" resources that are accessible from school and home.  These databases are PebbleGo, PebbleGo Next, Science Flix, Britannica School, Britannica Image Quest, Explora, and Sirs Discoverer.  Each of these is accessbile from the Media Center home page and are acccessible from home.  Please see Ms. Bowen for passwords that can be saved on your computer.

     In the  Media Center, children learn to appreciate print and nonprint  materials as sources of information and recreation.  From their first visit, kindergarten children begin to learn about the physical organization of the Media Center and the kinds of materials that are available to them.  As classes move through the grades, they discover more and more ways to locate materials they want and need.  To help make appropriate selections with ease, students learn about fiction genres and the Dewey Decimal System.

     Studies show that students whose parents have read to them from an early age learn to read better than those who did not have the experience.  Reading with your child daily can have a tremendous impact on his or her total education.  Choosing to read a newspaper, book, or magazine at home is a wonderful behavior for you to model for your children!