5th Grade


  • Students may have up to 45 minutes of homework a night. (Monday thru Thursday)
  • Students will be independently responsible for writing their homework in their agendas
  • Parents need to sign agendas nightly to ensure good home + school communication


Language Arts


  • Concentrating on Before, During and After Reading Strategies
  • Developing Fluency
  • Improving Comprehension
  • Reading: General Reading Processes, Story Elements, Social Studies texts, Poetry texts, Science texts, Ancillary Materials(Magazines/Newspapers/Internet),Novels, Functional Documents (Directions/Recipes/Menus/Applications/Etc.), Plays and Drama
  • Small and whole group instruction (fluid needs based grouping)
  • Developing their vocabulary


Concentrating on the 6 Traits of Writing

  1. Ideas
  2. Organization
  3. Voice
  4. Sentence Fluency
  5. Word Choice
  6. Conventions


  • Algebra, Patterns & Functions: Solving word problems involving multiple patterns or functional relationships
  • Geometry: Compare plane geometric figures to solid geometric figures
  • Measurement: Calculating equivalent measurements, Measuring & drawing single angles
  • Statistics: Collect, organize, display, analyze or interpret data using a variety of data displays
  • Probability: Tree diagrams, Single events outcomes
  • Number Relationships & Computation: Decimals and fractions, Factors and multiples, Rules of divisibility


  • Geology
  • Communities
  • Microscopes
  • Electricity/Magnetism- Energy Sources

Social Studies

  • Colonial History
  • Revolutionary War
  • U.S. Government