Extended Resources K-2



Kindergarten-2nd Grade

The links below offer further resources on the research process and/or its skills. 

Many of these resources can be adapted to a variety of topics or needs.


Note Taking Organizers Evaluating Resources Rubrics Plagiarism Miscellaneous
Animal Inquiry Interactive Online Information Evaluation

Checklist for Completing an Assignment

Interactive Student Guide to Copyright Fact Fragment Frenzy
(student interactive for learning note taking skills)
Animal Research   Elementary Research Rubric Student Plagiarism Video Games for the Big6 and Super3
General Graphic Organizers Worksheets   Product Self-Evaluation   Handouts for the Big6 and Super3
Interactive KWL Chart       Interactives and Videos about Internet Safety and Cyberbullying
KWL Chart      
Lessons for Teaching the Big6 and Super3
Non-fiction Reading Organizer       Super3 Song
Note Taking Wheel       Video about the Super3
Student Note Taking Organizer and Self-Evaluation        
TeachersPayTeachers Resources

(The following resources are free downloads after you create an account on the website.)
Animal Research Organizer        
Biography Graphic Organizer        
First Grade Research Journal        
Question and Answer Template