Extended Resources Grades 6-12



6th-12th grades

The links below offer further resources on the research process and/or its skills. 
Many of these resources can be adapted to a variety of topics or needs.



Note Taking Organizers Plagiarism Articles Documenting Sources Evaluating Web Sources Research Project Handout Examples Miscellaneous
Master template for taking notes in Excel Plagiarism articles for students Keeping Track of Print Resources Form
(MLA 2009)
Web Site Evaluation Form Research Paper Handout for Modern World History  Key Action Words
Example of notes taken using the Excel template Plagiarism articles for teachers Keeping Track of Electronic Resources Form
(MLA 2009)
  Comparative Government Project Handout Primary Source

Analysis Worksheets

Using PowerPoint to create   Keeping Track of Multimedia Resources Form
(MLA 2009)
  Civil War Research Handout SPAGHTE Method 
(for Document Analysis)
electronic notecards   Print or Electronic Resources MLA 2009 Form   1850s Slavery Research Handout ACE Method

ENote cards PowerPoint Template
(use as is and have students use the  "duplicate slide" feature on their own, or teachers can customize this PowerPoint and add in slides for the headings they require)
  MLA Works Cited Quick Formatting Guide     BCR Organizer 5 lined boxes

(for social studies)
Social Studies essay outline   MLA 2009 Formating and Style Guide PowerPoint
(from the OWL at Purdue)
    BCR Organizer Five Steps
(for social studies)
SCIM-C method   Annotated Bibliography Example     BCR Organizer Five Steps with prompts
(for social studies)
SCIM-C model         BCR Organizer lined page
(for social studies)
SOAPS method