Parkway Playground Expectations

Parkway Playground Expectations

  • Only playground equipment from school should be used for recess

  • Come out to recess prepared with coat, hat, gloves and lunch money/packed lunch

  • Be aware of boundaries (stay within the tree line)

Playground Equipment:**Keep mulch on the ground**

  • Slide: Go down feet first, on your bottom, one student at a time

  • Zip Line: Use if you are tall enough to reach the handles on your own.  Students should not push others across the zipline.

  • Monkey Bars: One student going across (hanging down from the rungs) at a time.

  • Bars: Two hands must be on bars at all times

  • Bench - Seating only (no standing or jumping off)


Games & Activities:

  • Tag games of any kind are not allowed

  • Jump ropes stay on blacktop -Use appropriately as a jump rope

  • Basketball and kickballs stay on blacktop

  • Balls should not be thrown or kicked against the school building


Kickball Rules:  **Grade level discretion**

Rules for Kickball - Option 1:  Adult Supervision Needed at All Times

  • 2 fouls equals 1 out.  A caught ball is considered out!

  • 3 outs and you switch.

  • Everyone gets a turn to kick before others are allowed to kick again.

  • You must tag the base.  You are not allowed to throw the ball at the runner.

  • A foul ball is considered outside the first and third base line.

  • The runner may return to the base once they left it and it has not been tagged yet.

  • No substitutes for runners.


Rules for Kickball - ‘No Outs Kickball’ Option 2 ~  Adult Supervision Needed at All Times

  • Divide students into two teams

  • The first kicker is to kick the ball that is pitched from the pitcher

  • There are no outs

  • The player runs the bases until the catcher receives the ball from the fielding team and yells freeze.

  • The base runners do not stop after circling the bases once.  They continue to run and score until everyone on the team has kicked.

  • Teams switch after each person on the team has had a chance to kick.