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School Psychologist


Charles Thatcher III






Charles Thatcher III
FCPS School Psychologist

My name is Chuck Thatcher, and I am the school psychologist assigned to Parkway
Elementary School. I am also assigned to Oakdale and Myersville Elementary Schools.
Throughout my 12 years working as a school psychologist in FCPS, I have worked in several
schools and programs within the county and state as well as with numerous students and
families. During the last 6-7 years, I have seen a significant increase in mental health concerns
such as anxiety, depression, posttraumatic stress, etc. in students of every grade level. Because
of this, I decided to create a series of newsletters throughout this school year that will address
some of the more common mental health concerns seen in schools and our communities. These
newsletters are an attempt to build awareness of mental health and to provide parents/guardians
with some strategies to help their children. Each newsletter will include basic facts, general
strategies to try and to avoid if your child or someone you know is manifesting some of the
characteristics, and some specific strategies and application of strategies that can be found on
the last page.
We are very fortunate to live and/or work in Frederick County where we have many local
mental health agencies and services. You can find information about some local agencies by
dialing the toll-free number 211 or going online to Also, please feel free to
contact me, or someone at the school (teacher, school counselor, etc.) if you would like more
information about any of the newsletters. Please remember that ignoring a mental health
condition will not make it go away. We need to take our mental health as seriously as we do our
physical health.
Chuck Thatcher III