Homework Guidelines

                                        Pursue Dreams, Endure Challenges and Succeed Together
                                 Stephanie A. Brown, Principal

Dear Parkway Elementary Families,

Parkway's homework practices have changed in order to meet the needs of our families and reflect the current research on the effectiveness of homework for elementary age students. In doing so, we reviewed the county policy on Homework, Regulation 500-15, as well as current research on homework.

Research has shown there is little to no evidence that homework improves student achievement at the elementary school level. Instead, the 4 variables that have a proven positive impact on academic performance are eating dinner as a family, reading together, playing outside and getting to bed early.

Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, Parkway will be implementing the following homework guidelines to build home and school connections. Homework will no longer be assigned and graded daily or weekly. Instead, students will be encouraged to read and record minutes on a monthly calendar and practice math fact fluency. Prompting and questioning strategies to guide you in facilitating meaningful discussions with your child will be provided as well as ideas for activities that can be used when practicing math facts. Online links for reading, writing, math and typing practice will be available on individual teacher's Symbaloo pages which can be found on Parkway's webpage.

For more information on the research used to guide the decision making process and FCPS guidelines on maximum homework time limits view the links below.