Music Class Expectations and Grading

Parkway's School Rules

  • Respect Yourself
  • Respect Others
  • Respect Property

Consequences are as follows:

  • Verbal warning
  • Time Out/Reflection
  • Parent Contact

Positive choices will be reinforced with:

  • Panda points
  • Lots of verbal praise
  • Moving a clip up on the class behavior chart
  • Opportunities for student leaders & helpers
  • Positive note home 


           Students will be given a grade in music at least once a week.  These guidelines are consistent with the FCPS grading policy for the visual and performing arts.  Grades will be determined as follows: 

  1. Lesson and Process Activities(70% of report card grade)- Showing progress toward and mastery of curriculum standards and objectives with:
    1. Daily objectives (singing, dancing, playing instruments, demonstrating rhythm skills and other curriculum based activities)
    2. Class work activities (worksheets or games)
    3. Group performances that show newly learned and practiced skills.
  2. Assessments (30% of report card grade)
    1. Teacher or county created assessments, both summative and formative
  3. Effort (Separate grade on report card) -
    1. Students are expected to participate and show effort in all activities to the best of their ability.