Questions about the Media Center

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How many books can students borrow from the library?

Students in Pre-K - Kindergarten may borrow 1 book from the library.

Grades 1-4 may borrow 2 books.

Students in Grade 5 may borrow 3 books.

Students may borrow additional books as needed for assignments.
When are my books due back to the library?

You may keep your library books for 14 days. There is no fine for late books.

Remember you may come to the Media Center any morning between 8-8:30 to exchange your books.

Be sure to ask your teacher's permission first!

What do I do if I lose a library book?

You may pay for your lost book in cash or by a check written to Parkway Elementary.

Or you may purchase the same book in a book store to use as a replacement for the lost one.

How will I know how much to pay for my lost book?

Mrs. Clagett can print out a bill which shows the cost of the book you lost.