Word Study List

 Week of March 2 ~ Test on Friday, March 13th
~ Assessed:  spelling, word pattern, write words that fit pattern


Group WW:  Short/Long u

                                    Short u            long u -  ends in VCV            long u – ue

                                    bun                              June                                  blue

                                    fuss                              cute                                  glue

                                    luck                             rule                                   true

                                    lump                            tube                                                    

                                    trust                             tune

                                    plum                            huge





Group SA:   Syllable Juncture

                                                VCCV                                     open VCV

                                                napkin                                     baby

                                                foggy                                       fever

                                                tennis                                       silent

                                                sudden                                    duty

                                                fossil                                        writer

                                                contest                                     rival

                                                dentist                                     music

                                                dinner                                      human

                                                winter                                      bacon



Group DR:  Vowel Alternations

       Long to Short                      Long to Schwa (uh sound)          Schwa to Short

prescribe    prescription          stable          stability                vital            vitality

criticize      criticism               preside        president              original       originality

microscope   microscopic                                                            metal        metallic

                                                                                                   adoration    adore



DeLaurence Cafe


Write your words in alphabetical order

Write your words in reverse alphabetical order

Write a synonym for 10 words

Write an antonym for 10 words

Write each word neatly in cursive

Spell 5 words by using letters cut from old magazines or newspapers

Write the dictionary definition for 5 words

Write your each word in a creative way



Write a newspaper article using 15 or more words

Write a story using 15 or more words

Spell each word using letters cut from old magazines or newspapers

Write each word, its dictionary definition, and draw a picture for each

Create a crossword puzzle and answer key