PES School Supply List 2019-2020

Starting May 7, 2018 - Ending June 14, 2020

PES School Supply List 2019-2020




Follow the link below to view the list of supplies that your child will use during the school year in the instructional program at each grade level. It is particularly helpful for our younger students if items could be labeled with their names prior to bringing them to school. We appreciate your support in providing these materials for your child, however, if you are unable to purchase any of these supplies, please contact a staff member at the school and we will be happy to provide the items for your child.

PES School Supply List 2019-2020

Parkway Playground Expectations

Starting January 13, 2019 - Ending June 27, 2019

Parkway Playground Expectations

Parkway Playground Expectations

  • Only playground equipment from school should be used for recess

  • Come out to recess prepared with coat, hat, gloves and lunch money/packed lunch

  • Be aware of boundaries (stay within the tree line)

Playground Equipment:**Keep mulch on the ground**

  • Slide: Go down feet first, on your bottom, one student at a time

  • Zip Line: Use if you are tall enough to reach the handles on your own.  Students should not push others across the zipline.

  • Monkey Bars: One student going across (hanging down from the rungs) at a time.

  • Bars: Two hands must be on bars at all times

  • Bench - Seating only (no standing or jumping off)


Games & Activities:

  • Tag games of any kind are not allowed

  • Jump ropes stay on blacktop -Use appropriately as a jump rope

  • Basketball and kickballs stay on blacktop

  • Balls should not be thrown or kicked against the school building


Kickball Rules:  **Grade level discretion**

Rules for Kickball - Option 1:  Adult Supervision Needed at All Times

  • 2 fouls equals 1 out.  A caught ball is considered out!

  • 3 outs and you switch.

  • Everyone gets a turn to kick before others are allowed to kick again.

  • You must tag the base.  You are not allowed to throw the ball at the runner.

  • A foul ball is considered outside the first and third base line.

  • The runner may return to the base once they left it and it has not been tagged yet.

  • No substitutes for runners.


Rules for Kickball - ‘No Outs Kickball’ Option 2 ~  Adult Supervision Needed at All Times

  • Divide students into two teams

  • The first kicker is to kick the ball that is pitched from the pitcher

  • There are no outs

  • The player runs the bases until the catcher receives the ball from the fielding team and yells freeze.

  • The base runners do not stop after circling the bases once.  They continue to run and score until everyone on the team has kicked.

  • Teams switch after each person on the team has had a chance to kick.


Starting October 8, 2018 - Ending October 22, 2019

Parkway Reads Monthly calendars

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