Student Volunteer Hours and Community Service

Middle School Meritorious Service Award

If a student would like to earn a high school Meritorious Service Award, he/she needs to accumulate a total of 75 hours of volunteer time prior to high school graduation. Middle school students can get a jump start on earning this award! Students can accumulate up to 25 volunteer hours while in the middle school. These hours will be transferred to Oakdale High School when students complete the 8th grade. If an 8th grader plans to attend a different high school, please contact the 8th grade counselor.

Each volunteer experience will need to be documented BY THE STUDENT using the record sheet found here: "Volunteer Hours and Community Service". This document is also available in print – students can get it at the School Counseling office.

Once the Record of Volunteer Hours and Community Service is complete, the student can give the completed record sheet to his/her counselor within two weeks of completing the service.

Further information is available on the FCPS website: