Pamela Glatfelter


Job Title: 

Speech & Language Pathologist


Glatfelter, Pamela


Special Education

A speech therapist or a speech and language pathologist, is a specialist in speech and language instruction and difficulties; We work with students who have communication needs related to articulation of words and sounds with their mouths; we ALSO work with students who have difficulty using language, expressing themselves, understanding, remembering or  recalling words and ideas and lack social skills.  We provide services to students who have language delays or disorders, learning disabilities, auditory processing disorders,hearing deficits, autism, and speech motor coordination difficulties. 

For the 2016-2017  School Year I will be in the building

 Monday afternoons, and Tuesday - Friday all day.


My hours will be from 7:50- 3:20 every day I am in the building .
I will also be at Brunswick High School on Monday mornings.

Generally  I will see students at the following times:

6th Grade - Period  3 or 7

7th grade - Period 2 or 4

8th Grade - Period 5 or 6

Learning For Life Students will be seen Periods 1-6

I  will  see students within their General Education Classes and  in the Lunch Room at times throughout the year.  

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