Highly Able Learner Program

HAL Program Highlights


  • Designed to provide academic rigor and challenge for HAL
  • Clusters in language arts, math, science and social studies
  • Strives to meet these students' specific learning styles and academic requirements in the subject areas of their strengths 






  • Scheduled by “cluster grouping” HAL (research based strategy)
  • Utilize flexible grouping to group and re-group based on needs of learners
  • Allow teachers to provide challenging learning opportunities and set a more rapid pace



  • Place greater emphasis on depth and complexity
  • Focus on students' abilities and interests
  • Differentiated in content, process, and products to better meet needs 


  • Promote deep understanding of content
  • Use hands-on exploratory activities
  • Foster learning through personal discovery and problem-solving
  • Emphasize critical, logical and creative thinking



  • Require research and application of knowledge
  • Necessitate time management and greater independence
  • Focus on more abstract and advanced analytical thinking and creative problem solving