Construction Progress

January 2021

1.Plumbing work

2.Spray foam Installations

3. Drywall

4. Electrical configuration

5. Brick veneer work



  1. Roofing material delivery Monday November 2nd. Roofing to start Tuesday the 11/3.
  2. Complete interior wall framing.
  3. Start In wall plumbing and electrical rough ins.
  4. Continue duct work, water piping, refrigeration, and electric work above ceiling.
  5. Complete brick tie and flashing installs at exterior walls.
  6. Start exterior wall air barrier and spray foam install.
  7. Layout work and projected to start brick install by end of the month. 


  • Complete exterior framing and Sheathing.
  • Complete storm and vent piping to the roof.
  • Install roof blocking and roof curbs.
  • Start roofing installation by the end of the month.
  • Start duct work and water piping above ceiling.
  • Install brick ties and flashing on exterior walls.
  • Start air barrier and spray foam installation at exterior walls by the end of the month.

October 2, 2020: What a difference a few months can make!


  • Remaining floor slab poured.
  • Mobilized and installed all Structural Steel/Joist and roof decking. Including Inspections.
  • Completed install of gas line extension for the new addition.
  • Replaced the schools main breaker for added power needed for the addition.
  • Performed interior and exterior wall layout.
  • Started exterior wall framing.
  • Started above ceiling storm and vent piping to the roof.
  • Poured steel column bases, locker bases, and equipment housekeeping pads.

Exterior framing

Interior concrete infill

Steel installation


  • Main level slab pour on 9/4/20.
  • Mobilize crane and steel. Start steel erection week of 9/7/20.
  • Complete Install of new gas service for the addition.
  • Start exterior wall framing/sheathing before the end of the month.

September 4, 2020: Main level slab pour.


  • Site storm piping structures and tie ins completed.
  • Electrical feeds and Sprinkler Main installed in the existing bldg. to the addition complete.
  • Plumbing and Electrical below slab installs completed.
  • Prep and poured lower floor slab.
  • Prep complete at main level floor slab for pour scheduled for the week of 9/1/20

 Setting forms and preparing for concrete in the lower section of the addition.

Plumbers have roughed in plumbing for the new science rooms.

Concrete is pumped into the lower section of the addition.

Masons finished the separation firewall between the addition and the existing building.


Aerial photo showing the progress made so far. The foundation work will continue over the next few weeks.


Aerial photo showing the location for the new addition prior to construction beginning this summer.