Staff Directory (FULL LIST)

Staff Directory

Department Name Phone Email Teacher's Blog Job Title
Administrator Donna Clabaugh 240-566-9400 Principal
Administrator Kelly Kirby 240-566-9400 Vice Principal (H-O)
Administrator Lindsey Baker 240-566-9400 Vice Principal (A-G)
Administrator Michael Hombach 240-566-9400 Vice Principal (P-Z)
Art: Visual and Performing Amy Pyles 240-566-9432 Teacher/504
Art: Visual and Performing Benjamin Zamostny 240-566-9478 Teacher
Art: Visual and Performing Karey Mattingly 240-566-9685 Teacher
Art: Visual and Performing Trish Stockman 240-566-9686 Teacher
Art: Visual and Performing William Bingman 240-566-9687 Teacher
Career and Tech Education Kaelyn Stieg 240-566-9639 Teacher
Career and Tech Education Kevin Trigger 240-566-9400 Teacher
Career and Tech Education Kristen Sutherin 240-566-9517 Work Based Learning Coordinator
Career and Tech Education Leslie Lemon 240-566-9400 Teacher
Career and Tech Education Ron Socash 240-566-9576 Teacher
Career and Tech Education Ross Metts 240-566-9408 Teacher
Career and Tech Education Sarah Welty 240-566-9507 Teacher
Counseling Christy Polce 240-566-9431 Counselor (Ro-Z)
Counseling Lori Seaton 240-566-9431 Counselor (L-Ri)
Counseling Nick DeWaal 240-566-9431 Counselor (A-D)
Counseling Tara Ketteringham 240-566-9431 Counselor (E-K)
English Alexia Isacco 240-566-9598 Teacher, Media/Announcements/News
English Alysa Greer 240-566-9582 Teacher
English Caitlin Patrick 240-566-9580 Teacher
English Edward Schoder 240-566-9636 Teacher
English Erin Porter 240-566-9599 Teacher
English Heather Corridon 240-566-9591 Teacher
English Jennifer Cole 240-566-9590 Teacher
English Julia Showalter 240-566-9400 Teacher
English Lauren Graziano 240-566-9597 Teacher
Health Kathy Sullivan 240-566-9451 Nurse
Health Tim Cromwell 240-566-9450 Health Tech/RN
Mathematics Chuck Welch 240-566-9659 Teacher
Mathematics Courtney Grissen 240-566-9400 Teacher
Mathematics Daniel Hayre 240-566-9504 Teacher
Mathematics Diane Sliger 240-566-9512 Teacher
Mathematics Jerry Walker 240-566-9567 Teacher / Engineering
Mathematics Karen Haughwout 240-566-9663 Teacher
Mathematics Kurt Stein 240-566-9516 Teacher
Mathematics Mark Widmeyer 240-566-9501 Teacher
Mathematics Melissa Watson 240-566-9583 Teacher
Mathematics Michael Gough 240-566-9661 Teacher
Mathematics Michael Thompson 240-566-9500 Teacher
Mathematics Michelle Bluman 240-566-9503 Teacher
Mathematics Samuel Mills 240-566-9662 Teacher
Mathematics Shaun Weiss 240-566-9502 Teacher
Mathematics Steven Hayre 240-566-9504 Teacher
Media Center Renate Owen 240-566-9692 Media Specialist
PE Chris Krivos 240-566-9455 Athletic Director
PE Judith McGraw 240-566-9462 Teacher
PE Mitchell Rubin 240-566-9467 Teacher
PE Terry Connolly 240-566-9400 Teacher
Science Beth Nave 240-566-9568 Teacher
Science Catherine Harold 240-566-9529 Teacher
Science Dave Lillard 240-566-9569 Teacher
Science Dorian Dixon 240-566-9572 Teacher
Science Jennifer Morgenthaler 240-566-9400 Teacher
Science Richard Parry 240-566-9570 Teacher
Science Suzanne Adams 240-566-9527 Teacher
Science William Crum 240-566-9565 Teacher
Social Studies Elisabeth Smith 240-566-9581 Teacher
Social Studies Jessica Miller 240-566-9584 Teacher
Social Studies Kate Ehrlich 240-566-9635 Teacher
Social Studies Nathan Smarick 240-566-9514 Teacher
Social Studies Pamela Briggs 240-566-9578 Teacher
Social Studies Sloan Gill 240-566-9413 Teacher
Social Studies Susan Carman 240-566-9400 Teacher
Social Studies Teresa Kenney / Ronnie Beard 240-566-9400 Teacher
Social Studies Tiffany Malagari 240-566-9634 Teacher/Leadership
Special Education Cary Frey 240-566-9425 Teacher
Special Education Cynthia Pinciotti 240-566-9505 Speech Pathologist
Special Education Elizabeth Mulcahy 240-566-9438 Teacher
Special Education Glenda Segreti 240-566-9426 Teacher
Special Education Greta Harrison 240-566-9427 Teacher
Special Education Jennifer Przybocki 240-566-9594 Teacher
Specialist Carrie Mehl 240-566-9697 Reading Specialist
Support Staff Belinda James 240-566-9403 Attendance
Support Staff Diane Harding 240-566-9405 Secretary, Front Office
Support Staff Jennifer Nelson 240-566-9460 Secretary, Athletics
Support Staff Jill Ensor 240-566-9415 Admin Secretary
Support Staff Kelli Connolly 240-566-9431 Registrar, Counseling Office
Support Staff Sherri Krivos 240-566-9430 Secretary, Counseling Office
World Languages Bethany Brown 240-566-9632 Teacher
World Languages Colleen Pietrucha 240-566-9633 Teacher
World Languages Elizabeth Mulcahy 240-566-9660 Teacher
World Languages Jonell Caliskan 240-566-9592 Teacher
World Languages Madeline Pearson 240-566-9591 Teacher