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Below you will find links to each of the content honor societies offered at OHS.  Each honor society has specific requirements that can be found in the individual application packets available from the links below.  Also, CERTAIN honor societies require a completed copy of the supplement packet (listed below next to the link). Lastly, each honor society requires a  a copy of your transcript.   All transcript requests are to be made through your Naviance account - make sure you follow the directions below for requesting transcripts.  

 Each society has its own deadlines, requirements for admission, and application procedures - make sure you follow the instructions for each society carefully.  If a society requires you to upload documents for submission you must name the document with your last name, then first name, then title of the document, for example:  SmithJohnTranscript, SmithJohnApplication, SmithJohnSupplement. Only CERTAIN honor societies require electronic submissions. Read directions carefully.

 If you have questions about the application process please contact the advisor for the honor society directly.

 Remember no late applications will be accepted for any society.  Absence from school is not an excuse to miss the due date.

**Application Supplement -  For use by Social Studies and World Languages ONLY. A copy of the completed form can be made if applying to more than one of these societies to avoid having to complete it twice.

 Art Honor Society
 Patricia Stockman
 Dance Honor Society
 Melissa Watson
   October 19, 2017 before 2:30 PM  
 English Honor Society
 Jennifer Cole
   January 26, 2018 before 2:30 PM
 Math Honor Society
 Melissa Watson
   October 19, 2017 before 2:30 PM
 Music Honor Society
 Ben Zamostny
   October 13, 2017 before 2:15 PM
 Science Honor Society **
 Suzanne Adams
   October 23, 2017 before 2:30 PM
 Social Studies Honor Society **
 Pam Briggs
   May 1, 2018 before 2:30 PM
 World Language - French **
 Colleen Pietrucha
   February 16, 2018 before 2:15 PM
 World Language - Latin **
 Madeline Pearson
 World Lanuguage - Spanish **
Bethany Brown
>Click on Colleges Tab
>Click Transcripts
>Click on Request transcripts for scholarships or athletics
>Select a reason
>Enter Date Due
>Enter your name in theRecipient Field
>Go to the bottom of the page and click on "Add transcript Requests"
Your transcript will be emailed to you.
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