Alg2 Notes/Handouts

CRES Free Response Practice

A  Transformations
B  Quadratic
C Exponents

Chapter 8

8-2 and 8-3: Graphing Rational Functions

8-6: Solving Rational Equations and Inequalities

8-5: Adding/subtracting Rational Functions

8-4: Multiply/divide Rational Functions This was given as a handout.

Chapter 7

Review problems (In addition to these problems, students need to be able to write equations from a description, graph exponential functions, and do compound interest, depreciation, and continuous growth.)

7-5 and 7-6

7-4: Basic logarithms

7-3 e

7-1 and 7-2

Chapter 6

6-4: Inverse functions

6-3: Composition of functions

6-1 and 6-2: Rational exponents

Study guide

Chapter 5

5-5: Synth and Long Division
5-2: Graphing and evaluating polynomials

Ch 5 Study guide and assignments

Chapter 4

NEW: Review for test on 3/21
Review of Ch 4
Writing equations of quadratics (4-10)
Quadratic Graphs and inequalities
Quadratic Formula
Completing the Square
Complex numbers
Radicals and solving using radicals
Factoring cubics and by grouping
Factoring ax^2
Factoring x^2

Multiplying polynomials (HW-Read sections 4-3 and 4-4) Blank notes for 2/20
4-1 and 4-2 Intro to quadratics (graphing)

Chapter 3

3-4: Systems in 3 variables Blank notes

3-2: Solving systems: Substitution and Elimination Blank notes

3-1 and 3-3: Graphing systems Blank notes

Chapter 2

Test Review
2-7 Absolute value  Blank notes
2-4: Writing linear eqs Blank notes
Piecewise functions (updated 2/5)
2-8: Linear Inequalities (graphing)

2-2 and 2-3: Slope and Graphing lines Blank notes

2-1: Functions and function notation Blank notes

Chapter 1

1-7: Absolute values and absolute value inequalities  Blank notes
1-6: Inequalities in one variable and Interval Notation Blank notes
1-2 to 1-4: Blank notes